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8 Hour Recording session (with an engineer)

8 Hour Recording session (with an engineer)

8 Hour - Day recording session

Come down and let our experienced producers help you make the best recording you possibly can. Our sound proofed 'Live Rooms' and 'Vocal Booth' can make the procedure a smooth and enjoyable one.

  • Band recordings and solo artists
  • E.P. and Albums
  • Qualified engineer to mix & master
  • All the latest effects and plugins available
  • Printing to CD
Before you spend this much money in the studio we recommend you pay as a visit to work out the best way to record what you have in mind.

Please confirm room availability and how many hours you may need before sending payment.

Please remember to state who the session is for during checkout.

If the session is a gift and you would like us to send you a voucher please leave a message during checkout.

Tel: 07949 474661 or 01234 851511


200 GBP